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Schmitz Cargobull Manufacture and Supply Six new Vehicles to Dale Brothers UK

Schmitz Cargobull Manufacture and Supply Six new Vehicles to Dale Brothers UK

Vehicle manufacturer Schmitz Cargobull UK and Ireland is a part of the wider German Owned Company Schmitz Cargobull Group. The UK subsidiary has supplied two new multi-temp and four new mono-temp trailers to a temperature controlled logistics provider. Schmitz Cargobull has manufactured the vehicles which will be used by Dale Brothers UK to replace older assets while also offering new monitoring systems.

These new vehicles will deliver a more comprehensive temperature controlled supply chain to their clients, boosting their confidence throughout the logistics service. The two new reefers are unlike anything else on the market, as they are fitted with a system which allows the condition of the trailer and its components to be monitored with one click. This new system is also more efficient for the company as it means Dale Brothers UK will be one step ahead of any repair work, increasing the uptime of the vehicle, which is vital for the company.

The reefers that have been supplied by Schmitz Cargobull also includes Trailer Connect temperature and telematics package that monitors and records data constantly and in real time. This system also tracks the location of the trailer which is an added security benefit and will send the system operator a text message or an email if the trailer has been tampered with.

Schmitz Cargobull has supplied almost half of Dale Brothers’ fleet of 100 vehicles, and hopefully with the introduction of extra and innovative solutions, Schmitz will continue to supply vehicles to the temperature controlled logistics specialists.

These new vehicles also feature a single, unified system that can monitor each refrigeration unit and trailer. This provides more transparency and control when carrying out the transportation of chilled and frozen cargo for clients. These new vehicles supplied by Schmitz Cargobull will be used to carry meat to a range of different supermarket chains in the UK and Germany.

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