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Labcraft Hits the Road for National Lorry Week

Labcraft Hits the Road for National Lorry Week

Labcraft, industry-leading designers and manufacturers of low-voltage LED lighting for commercial vehicles, are supporting National Lorry Week – the annual RHA roadshow which celebrates the vehicles, people and businesses within the commercial road transport industry.

Now in its ninth year, National Lorry Week features a four-week roadshow and travels throughout the UK, examining and discussing diverse aspects of the transport industry. Engaging with RHA members, industry partners, schools, colleges and Government, the roadshow celebrates sustainability while showcasing the latest in eco-friendly vehicles, fuels and innovation.

Labcraft, as leading suppliers of vehicle lighting since 1956, focus on safety, product efficiency and sustainability. These factors say the company are of increasingly high importance to all transport operators and will be highlighted during National Lorry Week.

Furthermore, to reinforce the messages behind safer and more efficient vehicle lighting, Labcraft is also supporting the RHA Autumn Briefings and exhibiting at all 25 events being staged across the UK from October 2nd to November 29th.

Commenting on their role in the two RHA events, Labcraft explained the reasons for the company’s involvement: “Our focus is on enhancing staff safety, operational efficiency and contributing towards smoother workflows across various industry sectors. By participating in these RHA events, we aim to engage with industry professionals, share our expertise, and demonstrate how our lighting solutions can benefit transport businesses of all types and sizes.”

The ongoing flow of innovation keeps things interesting and opens up endless avenues for progress and enhancement, say Labcraft. In this landscape, for example, LED lighting plays a vital role, to ensure safety and efficiency on the roads – particularly in the context of emerging electric vehicles (EVs).

“LED lighting in road transport safety is sometimes underestimated,” explains Matt Stubbs, Labcraft’s UK Sales Manager. “High quality LED lighting in fact enhances visibility and promotes safer road use – particularly in challenging conditions. Moreover, advancements like LED lighting contribute to energy efficiency and eco-friendly transport solutions, which benefit businesses and society as a whole.”

During National Lorry Week, the Labcraft team are looking forward to promoting the importance of the road haulage industry, while recognising the hard work and achievement of all those who contribute to its success.

“We are delighted to be a part of this important industry collaboration,” adds Labcraft. “National Lorry Week and the RHA Autumn Briefings will help drive awareness and appreciation of the industry. It all fits well with our CSR (corporate social responsibility)” and aligns perfectly with Labcraft’s mission and vision.”

All Labcraft lights, are designed and produced at the company’s ISO9001/14001 facility in Saffron Walden, Essex, where the company follows an environmentally conscious, ecological and responsible manufacturing process.

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