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Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid Integrated with Faurecia’s EHRS

Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid Integrated with Faurecia's EHRS

Most Recently, Faurecia, a company which has over ten years worth of experience in the field of energy recovery systems, has announced that it has integrated the Hyndai IONIQ Hybrid as well as the plug-in Hybrid with its very own EHRS, which has been developed to offer approximated fuel saving of up to 3%, a measurement highlighted by the FTP20.

The principles behind the mechanism incorporate the recovery of exhaust heat from a gas and fluid heat exchanger which is incorporated into the exhaust line. It is estimated that up to 3kW of energy is delivered to the cooling system which can then be used to warm various areas such as the cabin and, or engine. This, in effect, then allows the vehicle to work in electric, allowing it to reduce on carbon emissions and adding to the fuel economy, as Faurecia explains. Yet, more importantly, it also allows for the manufacturer to reduce the usage, and cost of, electrical auxiliary cabin heaters – effectively signifying a clear benefit from the outset. Of course, once the optimum temperature has then been achieved, an actuated valve then also allows for the technology to be overridden so as best to avoid any overheating or negative complications with the system.

The system also weighs in at less than 3kg, which allows for it to be integrated close to the engine, allowing for the best possible heat recovery and, as claimed by the supplier, potentially offering a 7% reduction in the consumption of fuel as a result of the engine warming up faster and through operating on electric more frequently.

Looking forward, Faurecia is then looking to develop the next wave of generation products, working on a range of schemes tied into EHPG and TEG systems where it will be possible for the conversion of exhaust heat into electrical or mechanical power. The systems are expected to be hitting the market from 2020 onwards.

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