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BM Catalysts Launches Two Garage-Focused Initiatives at UK Garage and Bodyshop Event

BM Catalysts Launches Two Garage-Focused Initiatives at UK Garage and Bodyshop Event

BM Catalysts launches two garage-focused initiatives at UK Garage and Bodyshop Event : Garage Pro and Rewards Pro programmes gather widespread popularity

BM Catalysts, Europe’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket hot end emissions products, has successfully launched two new initiatives aimed at supporting UK garages: BM Garage Pro and BM Rewards Pro.

Unveiled at the UK Garage and Bodyshop Event on June 5th – 6th, both programmes received an overwhelmingly positive response from garages and other industry leaders.

BM Garage Pro is an e-learning platform designed to help technicians enhance their product knowledge.

The training scheme offers an array of video content, helping technicians get up to speed on the latest technical and product information, while receiving an official certificate from the company upon completion of each course.

The initiative provides garage professionals with access to invaluable technical content and news updates, creating a community dedicated to long-term professional development, helping to futureproof the aftermarket and enabling technicians to stay ahead of evolving emissions control technologies and regulations.

BM Rewards Pro is a rewards scheme where garages can earn points, or an extended manufacturers’ warranty, for installing and registering BM Catalysts products.

These points can then be redeemed for a reward of choice from thousands of items ranging from the latest technology to branded merchandise.

The launch of these initiatives at the UK Garage and Bodyshop Event was a major success. Technicians and notable industry figures eagerly visited the BM Catalysts stand to learn more about the programmes and sign up.

Holly Brailsford, Marketing Manager at BM Catalysts, said: “We’re so excited to finally introduce BM Garage Pro and BM Rewards Pro, which reflect our commitment to supporting both UK garage professionals and motor factors alike. These initiatives are the result of extensive research and development to ensure they meet the needs of installers and we’re confident that they will help bolster knowledge and ultimately enhance businesses throughout the aftermarket.

“The widespread interest and positive feedback we’ve already received highlights the demand for quality training and loyalty programmes in the industry.”

For more information about BM Catalysts and its new initiatives, visit BM Garage Pro and BM Rewards Pro

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