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BFGoodrich Launching in to European Market with Commercial Tyres

BFGoodrich Launching in to European Market with Commercial Tyres

BFGoodrich have announced that they will be launching their first ever tyre that are suitable for trucks, busses and coaches in the UK and Ireland. The company will be offering customers a quality range of fitments at affordable prices with the release of their new range. The company has developed a name for itself with their supply of off-road tyres, a specialism of the company.

BFGoodrich has sells more than 1.6 million tyres each year to the commercial vehicle market in a wide range of different territories around the world. Before this new announcement, BFGoodrich supplied around the world, but hadn’t supplied their products to Europe. With the design and manufacture of this new tyre range for trucks, buses and coaches, this new market will be broken into by the tyre manufacturer.

The new tyre range is expected to be released in January 2018, with the global expansion of BFGoodrich’s commercial vehicle tyre arm. The company’s new commercial range is extensive, offering 54 steer, drive and trailer tyre solutions that will be available in 17.5, 19.5 and 22.5 fitments that will be available across Europe.

The new tyre selection will be targeted at all segments of the truck bus and coach tyre market, this includes long distance and regional to on/off road and urban. The drive axle tyres that supplied by the company are 3PMSF, which is 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake certified, which offers a minimum level of performance in winter conditions and have been proven on snow. This certification assures vehicle grip and mobility throughout the year. All of the tyres that are supplied are also marked M+S.

The breadth of the new range of tyre means that there will be a BFGoodrich tyre that can fit nearly every requirement on the market. The most important part of this new product range launch is that operators will be able to adopt a single brand strategy, with the assertion that the tyres on offer will be able to meet all of their needs.

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