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Audi to Introduce Traffic Light Technology to UK

Audi to Introduce Traffic Light Technology to UK

Audi has released the new traffic light recognition technology which is set to be introduced to cars in the UK, although the manufacturer is waiting for the required infrastructure before it can roll out the technology.

The technology will enable vehicles to show how long before a red light will change to green and will launch later this year in the US.

The innovation is called Traffic Technology Services and will be launched at the end of the year in the Audi Q7, A4 and A4 Allroad fitted with the Audi Connect system.

It transmits real time signal information from the traffic lights to the car and if your vehicle is waiting at a red light the system can show how long it will be until the signal changes to green on the head up display unit or the instrument cluster.

To receive the information from traffic light control centres in selected cities, TTS uses the 4G internet in the car, however Audi has not yet stated how many cities in the US are fitting their traffic lights with the required technology to do this.

Pom Malhorta, Audi’s general manager of connected vehicles, said that TTS may eventually be integrated into start stop technology and navigation systems, which would lead to improved overall efficiency and shorter commuting times.

Audi has not yet confirmed plans to bring the technology to the UK and Europe, although it has stated that the car technology is ready to be used. It is just a matter of countries and cities preparing their infrastructure to be compatible with it.

In the future, it is likely that TTS will filter down to a range of other Volkswagen Group cars.

Previously, the manufacturer carried out a test of the traffic light technology in Europe in 2014. When it launched later in the year in the US, it will be the company’s first step in vehicle to infrastructure integration.

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