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UK Aerospace Sector Helped by Two Organisations

UK Aerospace Sector Helped by Two Organisations

UK Aerospace Sector Helped by Two Organisations : Two organisations focused on aerospace have joined forces to help growth the UK aerospace sector. The national SPRINT (SPace Research and Innovation Network for Technology) programme has signed a partnership agreement with FAIR-SPACE Hub and will combine their networks.

“FAIR-SPACE Hub has integrated hardware and software testbeds that offer realistic simulation of space factors to facilitate testing and validation of research outputs on Earth. The technologies developed by FAIR-SPACE have applications in space and other industries where there is a need to navigate hazardous or challenging environments, such as nuclear, underwater, mining and agriculture,” said Director Professor Sir Martin Sweeting.

The FAIR-SPACE Hub consortium is led by the University of Surrey and comprises 30 international partners.

“SPRINT is helping UK small-to-medium sized businesses to develop products and bring them to commercial markets, based on the space expertise, facilities and technologies of our partner universities. This collaboration with FAIR-SPACE Hub will build on SPRINT partner’s existing expertise in robotics, AI and high performance computing and provide additional funding and research opportunities,” added Ross Burgon, head of the national SPRINT programme.

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