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U-Freight Works with SOAR LP at Aircraft on Ground Services

Deployed KC-135 gets all jacked up

U-Freight, the Hong Kong-based freight forwarder and logistics company, announced that its initiative to expand its presence in the global aviation and aerospace supply chain management market is beginning to take shape.

Recently, it has been working on a worldwide basis with SOAR LP, the leading global provider of services for emergency repairs for large aircraft on ground (AOG) events, as well as scheduled airframe repairs. The crating and shipping of full size mobile aircraft hangars to various locations, with recent activity primarily in Asia, is among these projects..  

The hangars, which are used to protect an aircraft in situ whilst under repair, are based globally and have been used most recently in Indonesia, The Netherlands, The Philippines and Portugal. The hangars are able to hold an aircraft as large as a Boeing 747 to protect it from the elements. The hangars are moved in a disassembled state in up to six 40 ft high-cube containers, depending upon size and mission.

“Operators know only too well that stationary aircraft on the apron prove conclusively that time really is money in the airline industry. Whether it is a critical AOG shipment that needs to move from Munich to Montreal, or from Brussels to Beijing, our network of offices and collection services means that we can offer cost effective, reliable logistics solutions to the aviation and aerospace industry,” said Simon Wong, chief executive officer of the U-Freight Group.

U-Freight is also responsible for moving the tooling required for each of these projects from the USA to the different project locations and also for returning them to the USA for refurbishment.

“When SOAR is called upon by an airline to provide AOG repair services, it knows that it can call upon U-Freight to provide the logistics support to expedite delivery of the spares and equipment to the project site – whether that is a mobile repair hangar or an aircraft engine – via its worldwide network,” Simon added.

SOAR continues to expand its worldwide presence and with it, looks to U-Freight to provide logistics solutions as well as quick action for its AOG services.

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