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Three Day Summit is Being Held in Miami

Three Day Summit is Being Held in Miami

A three day Summit is being held in Miami in order to explore the developments that are taking place in the air cargo supply chain. It is thought that the Summit will be attended by the central decision makers in this sector. The event will allow the attendees to network as well as learn and explore different solutions to the digitization of the sector and any challenges this could lead to.

The Summit is being held by TIACA and the registration for the Executive event has been opened. The event has been planned for between the 18th and 20th of October, at the Turnberry Isle Resort & Golf Club. The main topic for the Executive Summit is the ways in which the Air Cargo industry can be protected in the future. Future proofing of this sector is vital with the advancements of digitization and the potential of the e-commerce market in Latin America.

TIACA’s Executive Summit will also touch on a number of other subjects, this includes the future use of unmanned aircraft. The three day Summit will allow the attendees to speak and discuss the challenges that advances in technology could create and the best ways to keep overcome them and keep the industry moving forward while being future proofed.

For the first time, the Summit will hear the voice of a figure from a different area. The maritime industry will have be present at the event in Miami as Troels Støvring will be speaking about his experience in his sector and the solutions that they have found that would be helpful for the air cargo industry. Troels Støvring is the Chief Executive Officer of Twill Logistics and may have vital information for the air cargo sector and their work to futureproof the work taking place.

The air cargo industry are looking for different ways in which to advance the sector while also making sure that the industry can handle the technology being developed.

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