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Singapore Airshow Lets Airbus Spread Its Wings

Singapore Airshow Lets Airbus Spread Its Wings

Airbus’ global presence shows no signs of abating after it revealed its latest aircraft at the Singapore Airshow. Its significant presence in the Asia-Pacific region was highlighted by its high-profile presentation at the airshow where potential customers could see first hand its new A350 XWB. Indeed, its appearance has won Airbus one new customer already with others expressing interest. The company also took enquiries which will expand its work in other fields with the Asia-Pacific region.

It’s a prime area for expansion as the Asia-Pacific region is the world’s real growth market for civil aircraft. The market has therefore been targeted by Airbus as a new base for key customers where it already provides 31% of Airbus’ orders internationally.

The Singapore Airshow gave Airbus another chance to show off its latest aircraft innovation – the impressive A350 XWB. The aircraft is proving very popular with customers in the region and enjoyed a successful presentation at the show where event-goers were wowed by its flying capability.

Significantly, the A350 XWB enjoys much of its popularity in the region with Philippine Airlines being the latest carrier to order the aircraft. It will order six initially with another six potentially. The carrier’s specification calls for a three-class layout which will provide passengers with non-stop flights to the New York and the USA’s West Coast from Manila.

Airbus’ presence in the region is not simply to provide the market with commercial aircraft. It also provides maintenance and offers training centres as well as other support services. The Singapore Airshow enabled Airbus to extend its presence beyond providing planes for passenger routes with an agreement with the Singapore-based SIA Engineering to provide cabin upgrades, general maintenance and modification capabilities to various aircraft including the the super-sized A380 as well as the A350 and other models.

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