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Navigating The Chancellor’s Budget

Navigating The Chancellor’s Budget

Navigating The Chancellor’s Budget: ANT Industries Welcomes Drive For Innovation In Aerospace

In an exclusive interview with Shaun Rowley, MD of ANT Industries Ltd, the spotlight is firmly on Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s budget today and its profound implications for the automotive and aerospace sectors. The government’s commitment to advancing technology is evident, with a notable £73 million in combined government and industry investment earmarked for automotive R&D projects.

Rowley underscores the significance of these investments, stating, “The aerospace sector is at a critical juncture, and the funding infusion will drive advancements in sustainable aviation. Projects like the zero-carbon aircraft engine are emblematic of our collective commitment to reducing the environmental impact of air travel and fit perfectly within our thirty  years of experience in the sector manufacturing components for aero engines and gas turbine engines.”

However, the government’s vision extends beyond the roads, reaching for the skies with almost £200 million allocated to joint government and industry funding for aerospace R&D projects. Among these initiatives, £40 million is allocated to a Marshall ADG Ltd led project focused on zero-carbon aircraft engine technology. An additional £96 million is directed towards Airbus-led projects, signalling a comprehensive commitment to innovation in the aerospace domain.

Rowley addresses the transformative potential of this funding, stating, “The government’s focus on electric vehicle technology is a pivotal step in shaping the future of mobility. The £36 million government funding through Advanced Propulsion Centre UK competitions underscores a strategic push toward sustainable transportation solutions.”

This investment is not only aimed at fostering incremental advancements but propelling the development of the next generation of battery electric vehicles. Four projects, backed by the £36 million government support, are at the forefront of pioneering technologies that promise to redefine the electric vehicle landscape.

As the budget concludes, the automotive and aerospace industries find themselves on the cusp of transformative change. With government support fostering innovation, the trajectory of these sectors appears poised for a revolutionary shift towards sustainability and cutting-edge technology and ANT Industries will be there to drive these sectors forward

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