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Cargo iQ Develops new Air Cargo Intelligence Hub to Help Boost Efficiency

Cargo iQ Develops new Air Cargo Intelligence Hub to Help Boost Efficiency

Cargo iQ has launched a new service that will allow their members access to real time information about their performance. This online self-service data will allow businesses to develop new ways to improve business processes to boost productivity and efficiency.

The new ‘Air Cargo Intelligence Hub’ will allow the members of Cargo iQ the opportunity work with shared shipment planning, or route maps that are based on their Master Operating Plan. The service will record and measure each of the individual cargo journey taking place between shipper and consignee against 16 different milestones. With the journey measured against these milestones, and the data generated by these measurements, the members will be able to use the Air Cargo Intelligence Hub to then work with their customers and suppliers in order to improve their performance. The use of this Intelligence Hub could lead to the overall improvement in quality of the air cargo industry.

The members of Cargo iQ now have a meaningful way of seeing and understanding their data. The new Air Cargo Intelligence Hub also offers the tools and support needed to optimize their products and performances while continuing to meet the requirements of their industry partners and customers, the shipping company.

The development of this technology is a part of the work by Cargo iQ to deliver more to their members and make sure that their members and the industry as a whole gets the best value from the organisation as well as drive forward the air cargo industry. These developments made by the IATA interest group has also led to the appointment of two new auditors.

Cargo iQ operates a not-for-profit membership group that is supported by IATA and includes more than 80 major airlines, freight forwarders, ground-handling agents, truck companies and IT solution providers operating around the world.

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