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Bureau Veritas Leader Around the Globe in Testing

Bureau Veritas Leader Around the Globe in Testing

Established in 1828, Bureau Veritas is a leader around the globe in Testing, Inspecting and Certification. In order to cope with the growing challenges raised by quality, safety and environmental protection and social responsibility within the industry, Bureau Veritas offers advice and improvements that go above and beyond basic regulation compliance to ensure the best productivity for their clients.

Due to their reputation of improving working standards, Bureau Veritas has released a statement pressing the transition towards the new Aerospace AS29100 Series. The Inspection experts are emphasizing the importance of the transition to the updates Aerospace series by recommending all organization change to this new series before the 15th June 2017 deadline. All audits that will take place after this date will need to be done through the new standard version whereas all organisations who are already certificated will have until the 15th September 2018.

The new Aerospace AS29100 Series is a widely utilized quality management system. This ‘gold-standard’ system is one that is recognised as a valid testing system by all major aerospace and defence manufacturers. The AS29100 system has been revised recently to accommodate the changes in the ISO 9001, which were made in2015. It is a standard that will allow manufacturers to meet with customer standards and requirements by looking at preventing defects, reducing waste and variation in products, and process control. Other changes in this new system include creating a larger amount of flexibility with documentation for manufacturers, as well as allowing organisations better opportunities to identify and manage any risks with their products.

Acting earlier when transitioning to the new testing systems could save time and money for manufacturers as those who have failed to transition in time could be penalised. Being proactive and staying up to date with the correct testing requirements is therefore advantageous for the companies.

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