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Bombardier Takes Multimillion Dollar Order for 20 Challenger 350 Aircraft

Bombardier Takes Multimillion Dollar Order for 20 Challenger 350 Aircraft

Bombardier Business Aircraft has secured an order for 20 of its pioneering Challenger 350 aircraft. The deal is estimated to represent around a $534m investment on the part of the customer whom, for legal disclosure reasons, remains unknown.

Founded in 1937 by inventor, Joseph-Armand Bombardier, Bombardier has since become the world’s leading manufacturer in the rail and aerospace sector. Headquartered in Montréal, Canada, the organisation’s mobility solutions are yet to be seen all over the world in fantastic and diverse guises. Between the firm’s aerospace and transportation division, it employees over 70,000 people, and the company has developed amongst the most innovative and efficient transportation modes seen in today’s market. Unsurprisingly, Bombardier last reported revenues of some $18.2bn.

The Challenger 350 aircraft is Bombardier’s staple medium-sized business jet. Capable of carrying eight passengers on distances up to 3,200 nautical miles (equivalent to 5,926km), the high performance jet notches up a cruise speed of Mach 0.80. What defines an aircraft during business use is, of course, neither its speed nor competencies and passengers are principally looking for quality interiors that provide the illusion of home. In that respect, the Challenger 350 triumphs; designers have maximised natural light within the cabin as well as incorporating the high-comfort and high-tech commodities demanded by business flyers. Combining a luxurious, contemporary interior as well as the latest in avionics technology, the Challenger 350 is the choice aircraft in both reliability and comfort – in many ways a continuation of the firm’s leading reputation.

What David Coleal, President of Bombardier Business Aircraft, describes as simply one of the best business jets in the market is set to hit skies in a big way following the deal. Whilst it’s as yet unknown just where the aircraft will be based, or which regions or operators it will service, the Challenger 350 will no doubt make its position heard in spectacular style.

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