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Bombardier and Air Inuit Aircraft Conversion

Bombardier and Air Inuit Aircraft Conversion

It has been announced that Air Inuit and Bombardier Commercial Aircraft will be partnering for the passenger-to-freighter conversion of a Q300 turboprop aircraft, with the resulting freighter also including a large-scale door for cargo. As an operator which has worked with the Q300 aircraft for some time now, the organisation has spearheaded the conversion and will also consequently be the launch customer for it. Also, a new STC is to be created under a new license by a third party to further support the conversion.

Providing an excellent combination of design and technological advancement, the Q range of aircraft provides a very rugged and performance-led approach best befitting that of short airline journeys undertaken quite regularly. Also as a cost effective range in the Bombardier offering, Q aircraft has successfully achieved a tried-and-tested reputation through use across more than one hundred and fifty operators across the globe.

Reputed for its flexibility, Q aircraft are able to adapt to a range of different tasks, including roles not typically associated with airlines such as for maritime patrol, corporate transport and even for cargo service. With over 1,100 of the aircraft already being utilised globally, the quality of the series is clearly defined and proven time over. As Bombardier’s Vice President and General Manager, Customer Services, Todd Young enthused that the conversion may be able to provide a great avenue for the use and benefit with the: Robust, reliable platform that the Q300 aircraft provides. Todd Young also provided thanks to Air Inuit for its assistance in pushing the scheme further towards culmination, bringing both parties one step closer to bringing the amazing new option to the market.

As a regional Canadian airline, Air Inuit offers a variety of airline services across its large fleet of some twenty five arctic-adpated aircraft and, like Bombardier, also has a positive industry reputation for offering a high standard and reliable service.

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