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Aviation Sector Gears Up for SSWS24!


2024 is set to be a huge year for the industry, with lots of questions being raised about sustainability targets and the pressure building to meet Net Zero commitments. In under 4 months, the Sustainable Skies World Summit will return to Farnborough International, convening the industry to share crucial updates, accelerate discussion and encourage better collaboration.

Don’t miss the chance to listen to pioneering thought-leadership, explore the latest technology innovations and network with global leaders in the sustainability field, government representatives, regulators, key stakeholders and more.

With many of these conversations acting as a precursor to Farnborough International Airshow, the Sustainable Skies World Summit is the must-attend event to stay up-to-date with the latest announcements and initiatives.



The conference programme at this year’s Sustainable Skies World Summit, taking place 15-16 May 2024, will be centered around 8 key plenaries. Ahead of attending the event, take a sneak peek at the topics going to be discussed.

Plenary 1: Bearing Witness to Change 

In this thought-provoking plenary session, we will review the transformative landscape of sustainable aviation. Over the last twelve months, witness the dynamic shifts in the industry as we delve into the latest updates from ICAO, hear from government on their policy and key industry leaders on future plans that shape the trajectory of sustainable air travel. Our speakers will provide comprehensive overview of the evolving industry landscape, highlighting strides made, challenges faced, and the collaborative efforts propelling aviation into a greener and more sustainable future. 

Plenary 2: Powering the Transition

In this session we confront the reality that transport cannot be decarbonised one mode at a time. For the first time at Sustainable Skies World Summit, we explore common challenges and solutions for achieving sustainability both on the roads and in the skies. Delve into the intricacies of topics such as hydrogen infrastructure, how is the grid going to cope with demand and feedstock availability as we unravel the complexities that connect sustainable roads and skies. Our session aims to foster holistic understanding of the interdependence between these modes of transport, providing a blueprint for a unified, eco-friendly future of transportation. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the shared journey towards a greener and more sustainable transport ecosystem.  

Plenary 3: Policy Progress

This plenary session will highlight the latest policy developments reshaping the aviation landscape, emphasising the importance of learning from global counterparts to implement the best policies. Explore the implications of the new EU ban on misleading advertisement and the impact it holds for airlines. Unravel the global policy tapestry, examining initiatives such as Fit for 55, the Inflations Reduction Act, and the latest UK SAF Mandate. Learn from the best practices emerging worldwide as we dissect their implications on the aviation industry.

Plenary 4: SAF and Carbon Removal 

This plenary critically examines the journey from Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) ambition to tangible delivery, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs in the aviation sector pursuit of environmental sustainability. As the industry pledges towards SAF, we explore the gap between intentions and implementation, examining strategies to bridge this divide. Moreover, we underscore the indispensable role of carbon removals as a necessity, unravelling their significance in achieving meaningful progress towards a carbon-neutral future. An insightful discussion that navigates the complexities of turning ambitious promises into concrete actions, emphasising the crucial role of carbon removals in the path to 2050. 

Plenary 5: Non CO2 

This plenary session delves into the often-overlooked realm of non-CO2 effects, which constitute two-thirds of  aviation’s total climate impact. With a focus on contrails, we address the uncertainties surrounding their environmental impact and explore cutting edge mitigation strategies. Uncover the latest tests, data, and technologies shaping our understanding of non-CO2 effects, as we strive to address this significant portion of aviation’s climate footprint. Join us for an in-depth discussion that offers insights into the advancements that will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry.

Plenary 6: Time to look at Hydrogen 

This plenary session propels us into the future of aerospace with a focus on hydrogen technology, a key player in achieving zero emissions. We’ll explore the transformative potential of hydrogen in propelling the industry towards 2050 and the crucial role of next-generation infrastructure needed to support and optimise the deployment of hydrogen-powered aircraft. Uncover this thought-provoking discussion on the promise of hydrogen, as we dissect its impacts on achieving zero emissions in aerospace and emphasise the paramount importance of developing cutting-edge infrastructure to usher in a new era of cleaner, greener flight.

Plenary 7: Show me the money 

In this plenary we will discuss the imperative of unlocking investments in the pursuit of sustainable growth within the industry. We will explore how the development of more targeted KPIs in sustainability is essential to avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing . Discover strategies to align financing with genuine environmental impact, ensuring that investments contribute meaningfully to sustainable practices. Additionally, we address growing concerns among creditors regarding potential greenwashing litigations, highlighting the need for transparent and specific KPIs to guide investment towards authentic and lasting contributions to a greener future. Join us for a thoughtful discussion on the intersection of finance and sustainability. 

Plenary 8: Integrating Sustainability into Operations and Infrastructure

This forward-looking session explores the future of airports, seizing opportunities to adopt low emissions development strategies in the construction of new capacities. Delve into innovative approaches that airports can embrace to reduce emissions, optimise energy efficiency, and foster sustainable practices. Uncover the transformative potential of integrating circular economy principles into infrastructure projects, ensuring that airports of the future are not just hubs of connectivity but also pioneers of environmental stewardship. A visionary discussion on the evolution of airports as we navigate the pathways to low emission development. 

Join the conversation at the Sustainable Skies World Summit 2024.

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