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AIX Launches Report on Accessibility in Aircraft Interiors Ahead of Paris Paralympics


Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) today announced the release of a new report, ‘The State of Accessibility in Aircraft Interiors: Challenges and Opportunities.’ The report arrives at a crucial juncture, as the aviation industry grapples with the growing demand for inclusive travel experiences and a growing focus on accessibility ahead of the Paralympics held in Paris in the summer. With over a billion people globally living with disabilities, the need for accessible aircraft interiors and travel has never been more pressing.

Offering a comprehensive overview of the current state of accessibility in the aviation industry, the report delves into the existing regulations and their impact on the passenger experience, highlighting both the progress made and the challenges that remain. The in-depth findings feature insights from industry leaders, disability advocates, and experts in accessible design, providing a multi-faceted perspective on this complex issue. The report’s release is particularly timely, coinciding with the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris, which has brought the issue of accessibility in travel to the forefront of public consciousness.

This inclusive analysis draws upon the invaluable insights of a diverse group of contributors, including Liz Johnson, a former Paralympic Gold Medallist, Chris Wood MBE, Founder of Flying Disabled, Andrew Masson, VP Product Management at Panasonic Avionics, Sarah Murray, Director of User Experience Design at Teague, and Bill Harkness, Head of Accessibility for BCA Engineering at Boeing. Their expertise and personal experiences provide a rich and comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities surrounding accessibility in aircraft interiors.

The report delves into specific challenges encountered by passengers with mobility, visual, or hearing impairments, as well as the innovative solutions being implemented in aircraft interiors and inflight entertainment to enhance accessibility. It also explores the significant role that events like the Paralympic Games play in raising awareness and driving progress in this area, while looking ahead to the future of accessible design and the transformative potential of emerging technologies.

Polly Magraw, Event Director, Aircraft Interiors Expo, said“We believe this report will serve as a catalyst for change in the aviation industry. With the Paralympics being held in Paris this summer and the world’s attention turning towards inclusivity in sports, this report serves as a reminder that accessibility should be a priority in all aspects of life, including air travel. By shedding light on the current state of accessibility and showcasing innovative solutions, we hope to inspire stakeholders to work together to create a more inclusive travel experience for everyone.”

The report is available to read and download for free on the AIX website.

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