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Aerospace Adopting Industry 4.0

Aerospace Adopting Industry 4.0

The head of Aerospace at Siemens UK & Ireland, Gary Carroll has said that digitalisation can be used in order to improve the manufacturing capabilities offered through the UK aerospace sector.

Digitalisation is the term for the technology the increased focus on technology that has led to Industry 4.0. Through the work to develop platforms such as Siemens’ MindSphere and other platforms that will improve productivity, the volume of enhancements, competitiveness and business value.

A lot of attention has been given to Industry 4.0 by the media. The main part of this attention is whether digital technologies could be successfully adopted. In January 2017, the Industrial Digitalisation Review was launched. The review was led by the CEO of Siemens, Juergen Maier and was commissioned following the UK Government Industrial Strategy that intends on creating a roadmap that would help companies with the best ways UK companies can integrate digital technologies into their operations and make the most of the possibilities being created by improved digitalisation. Making the most of the new advancements in technology could also be beneficial for the economy.

Industry 4.0 creates an opportunity to transform the manufacturing industry, through the use of tools such as robotics, advanced sensors and 3D printing. Industry 4.0 is a term that refers to the combination of several different major technologies being used in a state of stability and maturity which can change the manufacturing industry through the creation of innovative tools. The new business and marketing models that are being created in order to cope with the new technologies could lead to a relationship between business and customer that is more organic.

From a customer’s perspective, digitisation can offer opportunities to order products from their device, with the order sent to the factory and customised to their specified requirements. This style of interaction can lead to the more flexibility in the manufacturing industry. The advancements that are being implemented through Industry 4.0 in the aerospace sector will require operational enhancements as well as further training and design in order to ensure that the technology in place can interact as needed with the outside world.

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