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7 Reasons Heathrow’s Third Runway Is A Good Thing For Britain


Heathrow’s third runway is good for Britain. It’s pivotal to the airport’s ambition to be a global player and will help in its commitment to future-proof skills within the workforce and develop a vibrant economic environment in which UK SMEs can thrive.

After the controversy surrounding last year’s decision for Heathrow to build a third runway it has now been expressed that the new runway is good for business and good for Britain. The UK is at risk of falling behind larger airports across the world and the ability to provide up to 740,000 more flights a year will allow us to keep on an equal stance with Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Manufacturers across the UK showed their support for the Heathrow expansion and an EEF survey proved 79% supported the expansion.

Still unsure? Here’s 7 reasons why Heathrow’s third runway is a good thing…

A More Global Britain

Heathrow is operating close to capacity which means the expansion is vital to the aviation industry and the UK economy. The expansion of the airport allows post-Brexit Britain to be seen as something that is ready for business.

More Manufacturing Jobs

This new runway will allow for approximately 40 new travel destinations, up to £211bn economic benefits and around 180,000 new jobs! This includes up to 95,000 jobs for manufacturers and engineers by 2050 and around 10,000 apprenticeships.

Cost Effective

Billed at £18bn the expansion provides the best value for money out of other options. Already we are aware Heathrow has good transport links, infrastructure and existing staff. Expanding and its creation of thousands of jobs will cement Heathrow’s place as one of the world’s busiest airports.


Benefits Not Just For Heathrow

Management at Heathrow have said the airport is ready and prepared to deliver a concept that is fair, affordable and secures the benefits of expansion for the whole of the UK.

Commercial Property

Those in the commercial property field have welcomed the proposal with open arms, announcing excitement in the potential for retail, offices, logistic facilities and hotels are all open to gaining benefits from the new runway.
Keeping up with the competition: The world is a fast moving and competitive place that has already seen neighbouring airports in Istanbul, Dublin and Dubai showing plans for significant passenger growth before 2020. The UK needs to keep up as this threatens the UK’s position as an international aviation hub.


Remaining The best

Heathrow is one of only six airports worldwide to have regular flights to over 50 long-haul destinations (Heathrow currently has 82). It is already a unique and valuable airport standing as the UK’s travel hub, four out of five UK long haul flights are from Heathrow as other airports have struggled to become sustainable. An expansion will only add to the amount of income, jobs and flights that can come from the UK’s number one airport.

It remains unlikely a new runway would be operational before 2025 so the competition already has lee-way to get ahead. Environmentalists and activists have expressed their concern for the airport’s expansion regarding the demolition of homes and the worry of pollution. In terms of the job market and economic boost as well as keeping the UK firmly rooted in the global travel sectors, the proposal for a new runway has many uplifting benefits and the Government officials are devising environmental restrictions to monitor any damage caused by the amount of travel the new runway has the potential to deliver. Either way, this new runway is an exciting time for Britain and Brit’s alike.

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