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QA Weld Tech Becomes a Verified Supplier of the Achilles JQS for Danish and Norwegian Expansion

QA Weld Tech Becomes a Verified Supplier of the Achilles JQS for Danish and Norwegian Expansion

QA Weld Tech is now recognised as a verified and compliant supplier of the Achilles Joint Qualification System. This qualification scheme has been created for the oil and gas industry in Norway and Denmark. QA Weld Tech is known for being a leading provider of integrated welding and engineering solutions in the UK. The company is based in Teesside and works out of nine different adjacent workshops which take up a total of 4,600 sqm at the Riverside Industrial Estate in Middlesbrough.

The company has grown to a high level of prominence in the UK and in the oil and gas market on a larger, global scale QA Weld Tech is now looking to expand into the Norwegian and Danish markets. The company has worked on a number of major projects around the world including Ichthys LNG Australia, Block 31 Angola and Quad 204 West of Shetland. It is believed that the solid reputation that has been created by the business will be beneficial during this expansion into a new market.

The Achilles Joint Qualification System, or JQS was first launched in 1991 was intended to ease the procurement process in the oil and gas sector in this area. It is great news that QA Weld Tech is a recognized supplier for this scheme has the JQS also acts as a supplier register and a pre-qualification system that is used by Norwegian and Danish companies such as BP, Conoco Phillips, Statoil and Subsea 7. This system is beneficial to companies in the Norwegian and Danish markets because it allows them to manage risk while also making sure that their suppliers meet all of the necessary industry requirements as well as making sure that they have up to date and validated supplier information.

By achieving the compliance requirements in order to be registered as a verified and compliant supplier means that QA Weld Tech meet the requirements of this region’s industry. The company also plan to expand their capabilities in order to include new sectors such as nuclear, power generation and petrochemical. The business plan on expanding and developing their knowledge and skill set in order to offer a full turnkey service with these new sectors.

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