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Market-Leading Productivity Supplier has Installed a New Hybrid Filter

Market-Leading Productivity Supplier has Installed a New Hybrid Filter

The market-leading productivity supplier for the global mining and cement sectors has installed a new Hybrid filter. The first of its kind, the FLSmidth hybrid filter was placed in to a sinter machine. The installation has taken place on a machine in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The installation of this product means that steel plants can now upgrade their machinery in a way that will still allow the company to make a profit, as well as being able to meet future emissions requirements.

ArcelorMittal is the company that owns the sinter machine with the new hybrid filter. The filter is made up of a converted electrostatic precipitator and a fabric filter section, included for its high productivity and to meet environmental standards. These filters will keep companies’ investment and operating expenses to a minimum. The filter system also performs de-dusting within the sinter machines fitted with the filter at Zenica, this decreases the levels of dust emissions to below 10 mg/nm3. ArcelorMittal is another world leader, focusing on the manufacture of steel products in all major markets such as construction, household appliances and packaging.

FLSmidth is the manufacturer of the new filter, and they have been working alongside ArcelorMittal in order to develop and test out the hybrid filter since 2013. The initial focus for building the filtration system is to reduce flue gas volumes. Now the product is a sustainable and efficient way to bring the sinter machines up to date. FLSmidth are now at the forefront of the sector after the successful installation of the filter. By commissioning the world’s first hybrid filter they have also guaranteed further success for the company, which could lead to expansion and a creation of more jobs in order to produce more of the new filter systems. FLSmidth currently has 12,000 employees and has offices in over 50 countries.

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