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WiserSense Extends Reach into South East Asia with TWI GTC


Since its establishment in Singapore in early 2021 – to provide new opportunities for collaborative technology development between companies and organisations in South East Asia (SEA), TWI and the global engineering community – TWI Global Technology Centre (GTC) has been working to forge mutually beneficial relationships that cross national and international boundaries in the disruptive innovation space.

In support of this, TWI GTC’s latest partnership is with multi-national company WiserSense which has its headquarters in Turkey, an office in the UK, and branches and shareholders in various parts of the globe. WiserSense offers an end-to-end, industry 4.0 enabled, smart machine health monitoring solution for factories that can visualise and track performance as well as remotely measure and provide early detection of faults. Application in smart factory and other environments can lead to benefits such as increased production, a reduction in downtime, improvements in quality and operational efficiency, and better control of maintenance and energy costs. WiserSense is active in multiple sectors including oil and gas, marine, automotive, manufacturing and building management.

The two parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), with the aim of expanding the capabilities of the WiserSense health monitoring system through research and development (R&D), and the commercialisation of novel technologies, for application in engineering assets such as pipelines, motors, pumps, compressors, cooling systems and heat-exchangers

Tat-Hean, TWI’s Director of Innovation and Skills said “From its offices in Singapore, TWI GTC is making meaningful connections between companies and organisations in SEA, the UK, Europe and wider, and TWI and its Industrial Member and TWI Innovation Network Member companies. Therefore, we are delighted to have signed this MoU with WiserSense and are looking forward to working with them to extend their technologies to the advantage of industrial end users” he added.

Fatih Altunel, WiserSense’s CTO said “With rising power costs, many companies are searching for solutions to reduce their energy consumption. These companies are also more willing than ever to monitor the health of their machines. That’s why we at WiserSense focus more on intelligent machine health than ever before. We are determined to carry our successful growth trend, which we have achieved in Europe and the Middle East, to the global stage, and in this context, we continue to create solid partnerships. We are happy to have signed an MOU with TWI, and we’re excited to bring our technology to all of TWI’s reach.”

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