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RVT: Keeping Production High and Risk Low

RVT: Keeping Production High and Risk Low

RVT: In order for industrial facilities to run smoothly, it is essential to schedule regular turnarounds, maintenance and repair works. However, in many cases, it is too expensive to simply shutdown operations while the work is carried out, therefore it is important to find hazard control solutions that will enable the facility to remain live.

For example, during maintenance and repair work, the use of power tools to cut, grind, drill or prepare a surface can cause excessive amounts of dust. This dust needs to be captured, contained and controlled at the source, to ensure that it is not inhaled by workers, and does not migrate into sensitive areas of the facility.

Similarly, activities such as painting, welding and burning create dangerous airborne particles that can quickly damage a person’s health if inhaled. If exposed to dangerous fumes, a person could experience anything from dizziness and fatigue, or over a longer exposure period, they could even develop lung disease or heart disease.

When working at power stations, oil-refineries and other high risk environments, it is highly likely that there will be scenarios where maintenance workers will need to work in a confined space. There are various factors that can make a confined space a hazardous environment, such as a build up of noxious fumes, reduced oxygen levels or a risk of fire, making temporary ventilation solutions an essential requirement.

RVT recently supplied an ATEX-rated dust extraction system and ventilation solution to a well-known oil refinery who were breaking out the refractory linings of a Catalytic Cracker Unit (CCU). The oil refinery were particularly impressed with the effectiveness of the solution as it reduced the project timescale by 2 days, enabling them to get production back up to maximum capacity a lot sooner than expected.

These are just a few of the typical challenges RVT come across when working with industrial clients. If you are looking for a specialist hazard control solution for your next turnaround project, contact RVT’s consultants on 0808 178 3286.

RVT Group are a specialist hire company with a unique consultative approach – they ensure to understand every detail of your project before recommending a fully compliant solution. They offer an end-to-end solution, meaning that they provide all of the hazard control equipment as well as full installation and consultancy at every stage of the project.

To learn more about the industrial sectors RVT support, please download their latest brochure >

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