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Quaker Houghton Unveil New Bonding Varnish

Quaker Houghton Unveil New Bonding Varnish

Quaker Houghton to Unveil New Bonding Varnish Technology at the International Electrical Steel Sheet Summit 2024

Quaker Houghton, a leading global supplier of fluid solutions for e-Mobility manufacturing, will introduce a new electrical steel self-bonding varnish technology at the International Electrical Steel Sheet Summit (IESSS) 2024 in Aachen, Germany from April 24-25.

The new product, QH EVERTREAT™ 7000, is a one-component system enabling full-face bonding and insulation of magnetic core stacks under flexible curing and bonding conditions. This flexibility allows for both longer bonding times at lower temperatures for large stacks, as well as fast bonding where high productivity is required, without compromising on adhesion.

QH EVERTREAT™ 7000 is designed for use in the production of high-performance lamination stacks, such as those used in electric traction motors and wind turbine generators. The product is the latest addition to a wide range of solutions from Quaker Houghton to support manufacturers in the e-Mobility and renewable energy value chain.

The demand for higher electrical efficiency is driving a trend to use thinner, more complex core plate design in magnetic stacks. Traditional joining techniques such as interlocking, welding or clamping are challenging to use with thin-gauge steel and can impair magnetic performance. Full-face bonding varnish, also known as backlack, provides both insulation and adhesion, enabling freedom of design for high-performance applications.

In addition to these benefits, QH EVERTREAT™ 7000 addresses challenges faced in the curing and bonding of this coating type. Franck Burtin, Senior Manager, Global Strategic Product Management at Quaker Houghton explained:

“During the initial cure, QH EVERTREAT™ 7000 allows for a broad peak metal temperature range to fit each steel plant’s unique operations. For the stack bonding, this can be achieved in a wide time/temperature window so laminators can balance production speed and energy consumption according to stack size. These benefits will greatly enhance processing flexibility and productivity.

“Our mission is to continually improve and innovate to keep our customers ahead in a changing world, and I’m looking forward to demonstrating this when we present our latest development at IESSS 2024.”

For more information about the Quaker Houghton electrical steel coatings portfolio visit:

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