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MMMA ‘Metalworking Village’ at MACH 2022


The MMMA ‘Metalworking Village’ within MACH 2022 provides a fantastic opportunity for visitors to see, skills, services, and Technologies across a wide area of UK manufacturing within the SheetMetal and Metalworking sectors. Upon entering the village visitors will be welcomed to call on each member stand, to discuss and see, what is available, how it could help them in improving production, winning more orders, and increasing profitability.

23 Member stands will be exhibiting within the Village, so spend time moving between technologies and services.

Cotswold Machinery Sale – will be exhibiting the Euromac Range of Punching, Electric Pressbrake and Horizontal Bending machine. On demonstration will be the Euromac MBX CNC Punching, FX Bend 6 axis Pressbrake and the Euromac Digibend 400 with graphics bending different applications.

OSA Systems Ltd For those that haven’t come across us, OSA Systems is a “One Stop Solution” for all industrial press needs, from design and integration to fully automated production lines. OSA Systems purchased the intellectual property from PJ Hare Ltd in 2019, and we provide servicing, parts and upgrades to all Hare Presses. Over the last couple of years, we have taken on the challenge to innovate Hare presses sustainably and develop new machines.

Images 25MC Remanufactured press and the new 8MR.

Oerlikon Balzers is one of the world’s leading suppliers of surface technologies that significantly improve the performance and durability of precision components and tools for the metal and plastics processing industries. Our BALINIT® TISAFLEX coating is the perfect solution for machining demanding materials and BALINIT® FORMERA is the ideal solution, especially resilient coating to ensure high productivity when forming demanding steels. 182 Locations in 37 Countries Oerlikon Balzers is close to you – anywhere in the world. BALINIT® FORMERA To provide increased passenger safety, and simultaneously comply with emissions legislation, future vehicles must be stronger and yet lighter. Each new vehicle model therefore contains a higher proportion of modern, high strength steel than its predecessors. To ensure high productivity when forming these demanding steels, especially resilient coating solutions are required – such as BALINIT® FORMERA.

Esprit Automation is a leading manufacturer of CNC plasma, flame and fiber laser cutting machines. Their range of different machines provide an ideal solution for many steel and other 2D metal cutting needs. The Esprit Lightning HD is the flagship in high-precision CNC plasma cutting technology, offering laser-like precision cuts. Our Photon 5G, the first British-made industrial fiber laser, can reach staggering vector speeds of 325 m/min, making it a champion in productivity. Their machines are built to last with exceptional quality and our expert team offer first-class service support, engineering expertise and the flexibility to meet our customer needs.

Ortlinghaus UK Ortlinghaus UK are pleased to announce their presence at Mach 2022. They will be displaying innovative products for UK metalforming industries, taken from the extensive portfolio of metal forming technology products created by Ortlinghaus. It is an exciting time, and great to be getting back to real exhibitions, representatives will be available and keen to catch up with customers, suppliers and all industry associates.

CIDAN Machinery UK Ltd – Most companies can’t say they’ve been in business for over 100 years, but we have – 113 years to be exact. Some say that might make us old, but luckily, our machines and values don’t get wrinkles. So what you’re left with is the wisdom and knowledge that comes along side withstanding the test of time. Being that we can trace our lineage and rich history back to more than a century ago, our story is extremely long and tedious. Instead of going through the past 113 years in detail, we’ll give you some of the highlights. Why? Because where we came from is the foundation of who we are, the root of our values, and can give some insight in regards to where we are headed. So, come and see the story of CIDAN Machinery, one of the oldest and most well-established companies in the sheet metal business.

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