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KMT Launches High Speed Laser Cutting Service


Sourcing complex fabrications on short lead times is always challenging, but KMT is offering a solution with its new laser cutting service for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Customers can now skip lengthy fabricator wait times, accessing high quality metal work faster than ever before.

“As a leading manufacturer of bespoke machinery for OEMs, we are always looking to improve our fabrications service. A recent machine investment means we now provide dedicated, high speed laser cutting for our customers. With our facilities and capabilities, we offer much shorter lead times than traditional fabricators. Introducing this new equipment has also dramatically increased our operating capacity, meaning we can sub-contract work on the behalf of our customers,” says Ian Matthews, General Manager at KMT.

The LVD type Phoenix FL-3015 6 kW fibre laser cutting machine operated by KMT supports both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including copper and brass. It is paired with a LVD Compact-Tower 3015 material storage and retrieval tower with six shelves, each with a capacity of 3000 kg. Sheets of up to 3000mm x 1500mm can be accommodated, with an advanced cutting head handling up to 30mm thick aluminium as well as 25mm thick stainless and mild steel. Sheets of different thicknesses can be processed without manual intervention, further expediting lead times. For lighter gauge materials, cutting can be conducted “on the fly”.

KMT Launches High Speed Laser Cutting Service

Greatly experienced in delivering complex fabrications, KMT has a large workshop capacity, ideal for supporting landmark engineering projects. It has a proven track record working with OEMs in the rail, industrial and automotive industry, delivering large quantities of metal work on tight deadlines to a high-quality standard. Expert fabricators with decades of experience offer bespoke welding, cutting, press braking, assembly and testing under one roof. The standalone laser cutting service is available by contacting KMT directly.

“Our customers choose us because we deliver quality, bespoke engineering quickly, and our new laser cutting service is no different,” adds Mark Brickhill, CEO at KMT. “Our central UK location, large fabrication capacity and experience with OEMs means we can support any project nationwide with tailored solutions, whether for laser cutting or complete, electromechanical machinery.”

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