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Holdson Selected for Inaugural High-Tech Accelerator Programme

Holdson Selected for Inaugural High-Tech Accelerator Programme

Holdson Limited, a developer of advanced electrochemical polishing (ECP) technology, has been selected for the UK Tech Accelerator Programme in Stuttgart, Germany.

The programme, initiated by the British government and supported by the Baden-Württemberg government, aims to foster collaboration between British and German technology start-ups in areas such as quantum physics, AI, robotics, and virtual reality. Out of nearly 50 applicants, Holdson was chosen to join five other British technology start-ups for a five-month residency in Stuttgart starting September 2024.

Founded in 2023 in West Yorkshire, UK, Holdson is paving the landscape for advanced electrochemical polishing (ECP) technology. Holdson’s electroform™ machines are designed and manufactured in the UK with sustainability in mind, utilising recyclable consumables and boasting reduced energy consumption. With applications in the aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, and dental sectors, electroform™ offers a cleaner, safer, and faster approach to the post-processing of metal components.

As part of the programme, Holdson will have access to a workspace in the Stuttgart technology incubator, along with a tailored program that includes expert support, VIP events, company presentations, and mentoring. This opportunity will enable Holdson to expand its presence in the region’s robust industrial ecosystem while advancing sustainable manufacturing processes.

An early adopter of AI, Holdson’s machines integrate custom-built machine learning tools, helping to enhance machine precision and efficiency. Holdson is also in the process of commercialising its own AI operations management software, NITERE™, as a standalone product.

Since its inception, Holdson has garnered significant industry traction, securing substantial commitments and growing to a team of 18 in less than a year. Looking ahead, Holdson is poised for expansion into Germany, aiming to bolster its presence in the European market. Holdson’s plans include establishing an office in Germany and cultivating partnerships with universities in the country to drive collaborative research and development initiatives.

We are thrilled to be selected for the inaugural Stuttgart Accelerator Programme,” said Neil Dickinson, Chief Technology Officer at Holdson Ltd. “This programme presents an exciting opportunity for us to collaborate with leading industry players and academic institutions in Germany, furthering our mission to revolutionise manufacturing through innovative technologies.

The selection of Holdson for this prestigious programme underscores its commitment to driving technological innovation and strengthening international partnerships. Through participation in the accelerator, Holdson aims to propel sustainable manufacturing practices forward and encourage the adoption of AI and digital tools.

For more information about Holdson Ltd and its participation in the British-German High-Tech Accelerator Programme, please visit:

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