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Francis Brown Complete new Carousel Project

Francis Brown Complete new Carousel Project

Francis Brown, the North East global company that works to supply fabrication and engineering services has successfully created a 700Te carousel. The fabrication and installation of the carousel in just 11 weeks. The new equipment will help Francis Brown and will serve as storage for spare cables to be used on UK offshore wind farm projects.

The fabrication and engineering company is based in Stockton and was commissioned to create the 700Te carousel by Ecosse Subsea Systems on behalf of an international infrastructure group. The carousel has been installed at a project based in Sunderland and features the ability to expand, meaning that the client has the option to expand from a 700Te to a 1700Te capacity in order to suit their requirements. The carousel consists of key items and sub-assemblies such as a basket and core, grillage, rollers and tracks, a floor, drive system and a central bush. The project allowed Francis Brown to utilise their expansive experience and quality when working to produce this equipment in such a short period of time.

Francis Brown works to deliver first class, robust and sustainable solutions for all of the projects they work on around the world. The company also focuses on carrying out their contracts with safe manufacturing and installations. Francis Brown has developed a good reputation over the years because of their hard work and ability to deliver project on time and to specification. As part of this, the company has invested in the FARO tracker laser measuring equipment which offers the highest level of measurement accuracy for the creation of high precision parts.

The delivery of this project has expanded Francis Brown’s extensive portfolio of completed engineering services and welding excellence. The company has helped to deliver solutions worth more than £10 million for offshore renewable’s, chemical, oil and gas, rail, nuclear, power and construction markets. Based at their head office in Stockton, where Francis Brown has a range of specialist manufacturing facilities and state of the art workshops.

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