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Experts By Design: Carrs Welding’s Phil Carr Talks To MEM About Reputation, Ambition & Expansion


It is all a constant evolution, but Carrs will as ever, buy the latest kit and in using these lasers all the time, we shall become the industry experts and then like other centres of excellence, Carrs will be the proving house for many welding operations.Phil Carrs, Sales Director at Carrs Welding.

Carrs Welding boasts an enviable reputation as one of the most efficient and technologically advanced laser welding and mould repairing companies in its highly competitive industry. The business was established in 1992 and started out solely focusing on mould repairing, but in the late nineties it developed its service portfolio through investment in the latest, top of the range laser welding equipment.

Typically known for its extremely quick turnover for repairs and enduring standards, the organisation has cemented itself as a market leader by virtue of utilising the highest quality equipment from the best suppliers in the industry. Complementing this is a desire to work closely with clients, providing customer service that values an open platform to deliver added value solutions and meet expectations and requirements.

With laser welding system providers such as Alpha, Trumpf, and Rofin on board as Carrs’ main suppliers, the business is able to offer its customers a quality of service they would struggle to find elsewhere.

High End Equipment

Phil Carr, Sales Director at Carrs Welding, noted the business’s use of high end equipment, as well as its willingness to invest, as a defining quality of Carrs. It is all a constant evolution, but Carrs will as ever, buy the latest kit and in using these lasers all the time, we shall become the industry experts and then like other centres of excellence, Carrs will be the proving house for many welding operations.

This has resulted in an ambitious approach to growth. Indeed, Carrs has never stood still, seeking ways to enhance its capabilities in order to offer more for its current crop of customers and generate new ones.

Examples of this development include the company passing its first assessment to AS9100 Aerospace Certification in August 2013, and also the reassessment in November 2016. The positive results in these assessments mean that Carrs has been able to become a regular supplier for Airbus, for example.

The Ambitious Approach

More recently, Carrs has seen the expansion of the business reach the South of France. Starting out with just a local repair service the business now aims to have a full laser repair centre established by the end of the year. The expansion is expected to be the start of further development for Carrs as it aims to bolster the business’s reputation.

Of course, objectives for the coming year and beyond will be influenced by the evolving repercussions of Brexit. Carrs has already witnessed fluctuations in the rate of the Euro and Dollar against the pound have an impact on its operation. All its lasers are built in Germany or USA, for example.

Yet, as Phil explains, Carrs is preparing itself for a number of eventualities and is confident it can make further progress in the aftermath of Britain’s break from the European Union. We cannot dodge the issue on currency exchange rates, but being so small (about 12 people), we can re-invent ourselves around a client to help support the welding operation.

He added; Like when we assembled battery terminals for McLaren, it was a tricky job as they easily shorted out the cells if badly placed across the wrong terminals, but we made tools and put safety procedures in place and we managed the whole build programme of nearly 400 cars with no disasters.

Attentive To Customer Needs

Many businesses have clear and intricate unique selling points, but Carrs has kept its USP simple and very customer centric. Carrs will always endeavour to have the latest laser welders and be the best at delivering a good welding procedure, said Phil. We have 12 lasers and although there are many more now on the market we can weld most jobs, large or small.

In addition, Carrs has been able to boast some high end clients and contracts. For McLaren, for example, Carrs supported the programme for the three years that it took to build the car manufacturer’s P1 supercar. Now in the spares phase of the project, the company previously laser welded the busbar assemblies during the production of the boost batteries for the car via its collaboration with Johnson Matthey Battery Systems.

Carrs is an extremely well-organised and resourceful laser welding company; small enough to offer open, honest and value-adding customer service and skilled enough to take on the biggest businesses in the market.

Concluded Phil, We are a small family owned business and we are small and efficient in what we do, but we also happened to be really good at welding. That is good enough.

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