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ALFED Report Analyses Impact of International Conflict on the UK Extrusions Market

ALFED Report Analyses Impact of International Conflict on the UK Extrusions Market

ALFED, the aluminium federation, has launched the second report in a series of research papers analysing the impact of international conflict on the UK aluminium industry. Developed in partnership with CRU International Ltd, the document specifically explores aluminium extrusions and the changing face of the import market.

With the objective of protecting the UK’s thriving aluminium supply chain, supporting domestic production and minimising the effects of geopolitical issues, the report provides extensive analysis into themes including post-COVID market recovery, the reasoning behind weakening industrial activity and the continued implications of the Russia/Ukraine war.

Alongside analysing changing market trends, the document breaks down the past four years of extrusion import volume data by month, as well as detailing the rapid rise of imports from ‘Group A’ countries Vs. material from China.

Tom Jones, chief executive officer of ALFED, commented: “Following the initial shock of COVID-19 on aluminium extrusion imports, the market is indeed recovering but is still yet to return to pre-2020 levels. During this time, the origins of material destined for UK shores have changed significantly.

“Previously, China was the number one exporter to the UK market but, in recent times, volumes from other countries have risen fast. This trend has been further accelerated by the impacts of global conflict, with territories including Spain, Malaysia, Poland, Greece, India and Romania now comprising the lion’s share.

“Our latest report investigates the changing face of the import market, analysing trends, challenges and opportunities. It’s fair to suggest that this report is a hugely important resource for any business involved in the UK aluminium supply chain and I’d implore industry professionals to take the time to read it in further detail.”

“Impacts to UK aluminium extrusion imports following Russia/Ukraine war” is available for members to download via the ALFED website. To become a member of ALFED, or to learn more about its pioneering work fostering innovation, promoting best practice and championing the interest of the UK’s aluminium industry, visit here.

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