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Turning the Tide with Sikaflex-423 Powercure


When time is of the essence engineers can rely on Sikaflex-423 Powercure – a rapid-cure, high-performance sealant and booster for vertical and horizontal joints which is quick to prepare, apply and produces less waste.

Sikaflex-423 Powercure is fast curing even when applied at low temperatures – making it ideal for time pressured applications such as sea and harbour walls, railways and manufacturing plants or warehouses where only a short window of time is permitted for such repair works.

Sika has developed Sikaflex-423 Powercure for use with its unique Sika Powercure Dispenser which accurately mixes the correct ratios of sealant and booster for a quick and convenient direct application. This not only offers a considerable time saving when compared to the traditional two-part products available on the market, but also reduces the risk of mixing errors which would impact on the effectiveness of the product. What’s more the pre-mixed nature of the product also reduces waste, both in terms of the product itself, and its packaging as the foil refills represent a reduction of up to 60% packaging material.

Manufactured using Sika’s own revolutionary new polyurethane technology, Purform®, it is both EU REACH and UK REACH compliant which means users will not need to undertake specific training in the future to use the product safely. The innovative new Purform technology used to formulate Sikaflex-423 Powercure provides exceptional product application and performance properties.

Sika is committed to constant product development with the dual aim of improving product performance and reducing the environmental impact where possible whether that’s through packaging, its manufacturing facilities or the products themselves. The specialty chemicals manufacturer’s extensive UK range of high performance sealing and bonding products including specialist products are all backed by Sika’s global research and development department, giving engineers peace of mind that they’re using fully compliant and future-proof products.

To discover more about Sika’s Poweflex high performance sealing and bonding range, please visit

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