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Sika Video Pays Homage to Queen’s Platinum Service

Sika Video Pays Homage to Queen's Platinum Service

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee presents a unique opportunity for the nation to celebrate and reflect on our wonderful monarch’s 70-year reign as head of state of the United Kingdom, the Realms and the Commonwealth.

No British monarch has served longer than HM Queen Elizabeth, whose calm sense of duty whilst carrying out her unprecedented service has made her so beloved by people in this country and the world over.

Sika UK is paying its own tribute to Her Majesty’s glorious milestone with the creation of a video, 7 Decades of Dedication. Featuring animations and a host of fascinating facts, the entertaining film not only highlights historic news and cultural events that have taken place during the Queen’s rule, it looks at how Sika has progressed to become one of the world’s leading building products manufacturers since she took to the throne.

Shared values

It’s a little-known fact to people outside of the company, but 1927 was a landmark year for Sika and Her Majesty – it was the year in which we were founded and the year in which she was born.

A shared 95-year history aside, we’d like to think our company has other commonalities with the monarch. As with HM, the Sika brand is known for its reliability and trustworthiness, which brings much-needed assurance in times of uncertainty. These qualities have established Sika as part of the country’s fabric, with our high-performance products being used to build much of the environment we currently inhabit; from homes, bridges, car parks and tunnels, to marine, road and railway infrastructure.

A feature of the Queen’s reign and among the reasons for her enduring popularity, is her unerring ability to adapt with the times and look beyond the world outside of her personal realm. In her typically tactful manner, HM has expressed her concerns for the environment and the effects of climate change. Indeed, seeing the bigger picture has inspired Sika to make a positive impact on ecological issues. We continually strive to innovate products that lead to greater sustainability and performance, which is crucial to facilitating low-energy construction and a less polluted built environment. 


As part of the festivity-filled Platinum Jubilee weekend, TV programmes looking back at the Queen’s 70-year reign will likely feature many a royal expert attempting to seek the reason for the astonishing affection she continues to command from the British public.

Of her many traits, perhaps the ability to maintain the standards her regal role demands of her – at all times and situations – is the Queen’s most inspiring asset. It’s a value that we at Sika also admire and continue to uphold, which is why on Jubilee weekend we shall be joining the nation in celebrating our marvellous monarch’s Platinum service.

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