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Recticel Solutions Announced a New Production Capacity Within the UK

Recticel Solutions Announced a New Production Capacity Within the UK

Recticel is an experienced insulation specialist. Recticel offers solutions for insulation at a high quality and provides end users with comfort on a daily basis. The company aims to continuously create and develop insulations solutions. Recticel Insulation is part of the Recticel Group that provides polyurethane solutions in the furniture, automotive and construction industry. The Group employees 7,600 people in 27 countries.

Recticel has announces that its insulation section is planning a new production capacity within the UK. Investment that will likely create numerous jobs and will significantly increase the output of the insulation board manufacturers.

The investment of the Belgian based company is reassuring with the uncertain outlook as UK plan to leave the European Union. The investment suggests confidence within the British market, and could further improve the British market. The plans and designs for the new workspace are all in place, and will increase the growth of this sector.

The Manufacturing industry received a post-Brexit surge of orders when the decision to leave the European Union was first announced. Factories started to grow faster than the previous three years. As manufacturing industry makes up 10% of the overall British economy. The boost in investment could be from weaker pound which led to manufacturing in the UK having a relative lower cost. However, this is supported by the British exports have improved since the Brexit vote as well. This boost in exports means that the detriment to the UK economy may not be as bad as was expected before the vote.

The Recticel Insulation section of the Recticel Group offers an increase of investment in the United Kingdom as will boost the economy by providing new jobs. As the product output for the Recticel Insulation company will lead to further opportunities to invest and expand, hopefully by creating more work space in the UK

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