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Formaplex Ordered New Cranes to Improve the Efficiency of their Work

Formaplex Ordered New Cranes to Improve the Efficiency of their Work

The UKs largest manufacturer of hoists and cranes has installed new overhead cranes in a manufacturing facility in order to increase productivity. Street Crane has installed the equipment in the 120,000 square foot facility. Formaplex, who ordered the cranes are trying to improve the efficiency of their work will the addition to their new facility.

Formaplex was established in 2001 and is one of the leading manufacturers of tooling and lightweight component solutions. The company build components that are specialist for the automotive, defence, aerospace, marine and industrial sectors. The new cranes will be installed in Formaplex’s new Voyager Park factory. This new factory has increased Formaplex’s capacity by 50%.

The lifting equipment installed by Street Crane includes a 30-tonne double girder, a 5-tonne single girder crane and a 132-meter gantry system. The equipment will be in use 24 hours a day, every day. The cranes will help with lifting into position the tools used for injection moulding into the presses. In the new Voyager Park site, a total of 16 mould presses can be in operation. This scale allows for the production of 3 million moulded components a year. The components created by Formaplex can vary from dashboards to complete bumper systems and center consoles. These components are mainly supplied to the automotive industry.

The two companies have worked together previously, with Street Crane providing Formaplex with their first crane in 2005. The partnership has thrived due to the reliability of the cranes and other equipment supplied by Street Crane, which is a testament to the company’s product. Formaplex on the other hand need to hade precise lifting equipment in order to manufacture their components.

The new cranes adapt the latest technology in order to retain maximum precision and reliability with as little maintenance required on them as possible.

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