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Energy Efficient Scotland a Strong Possibility With HEEPS Loan Scheme and SWIGA

Energy Efficient Scotland a Strong Possibility With HEEPS Loan Scheme and SWIGA

The government in Scotland has launched a new energy efficiency incentive with a view to fostering new enthusiasm for environmental-friendly practices of construction within the residential sector. The HEEPS Loan Scheme is open to owner-occupiers, private tenants and registered landlords within the private sector and provides loans of up to £15k toward a range of energy efficiency measures.

Rates of repayment depend on the amount borrowed but those taking the full loan to install something along the lines of solid wall insulation can enjoy a long repayment period of up to 10 years.

In conjunction with the launch of the HEEPs Loan Scheme, the Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency (SWIGA) has reminded customers to seek professional advice before going ahead with work and, most importantly, to ensure they employ a SWIGA member for anything involving solid wall insulation.

SWIGA has long been a mark of trust with private and public sector clients, alike, owing to the stringent requirements in place to obtain membership. At a basic level, proper training, knowledge and experience is required by all SWIGA members thus customers are provided a service and product in which they can rely – now, and for years to come. Equally, all SWIGA affiliated members undergo financial and credit checks in order to certify that they are capable of undertaking contracts financially.

The agency also has in place a 25-year guarantee which covers works spanning across external wall, internal wall and hybrid systems for traditional solid wall properties, delivering added piece of mind to consumers. Guarantees on non-standard construction properties as well as high and low-rise apartment blocks are also available.

Andrew Champ, Executive Director of SWIGA stresses that it’s not just the workmanship guarantee that sets SWIGA members apart but the sheer breadth of knowledge on which members can draw, ultimately, giving clients a more competent and better quality job.

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