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B&B Attatchments Supply Arabian German Co Ltd with Forklift Solutions

B&B Attatchments Supply Arabian German Co Ltd with Forklift Solutions

B&B Attachments announced last week that they have been delivering the Handling Solutions for an Emirates Concrete Manufacturer. Arabian German Co Ltd is known for being one of the first businesses in the region that have become specialised in the manufacturing of precast Concrete products.

The company is based in Sharjah and is the largest manufacturing company for Kerbstone in the Middle East. Arabian German Co. has spent more than DHS. 80 Million as investments in order to increase and improve their production capacity. The investment in the company has resulted in Arabian German having the most technologically advanced interlock factory in operation anywhere at the minute.

This massively successful manufacturing company contacted B&B Attachments in order to find a solution for their increased material handling requirements. B&B Attachments is at the forefront of their market too, being the leading fork lift truck attachment company in the UK and Ireland. B&B Attachments work from a factory in the North East of England manufacturing a range of tailor made forklift truck attachment solutions for their clients. This allows the company to create products for a specific use, meeting their client’s material handling needs.

Discussions took place first between Arabian Germany and B&B Attachments in order to discuss and decide on the best solution for the concrete manufacturers on-site safety policies as well as delivering an increased level of productivity by delivering solutions that can handle a wide selection of concrete products.

In order to meet the manufacturing company’s requirements, B&B delivered two overhead J200 Block Clamp Attachments that have been developed as part of their Blockmaster range. The J200 product has been specially designed for use in the flag and kerb market and available in a range of different sizes and gripper bar lengths in order to meet the needs of the user.

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