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Heald Perimeter Security Safeguards York

Heald Perimeter Security Safeguards York

Heald Perimeter Security Safeguards York : Leading perimeter protection manufacturers install hostile vehicle mitigation systems within the York public realm

Heald, a leading manufacturer of hostile vehicle mitigation systems, has installed and secured several locations within the York public realm, including the world-famous street, Shambles.  

The cathedral city of York, North Yorkshire, welcomes over 8.9 million visitors annually and is home to historic landmarks and thriving high streets. As vehicle-borne incidents remain a threat to locations with high footfall, the decision to implement adequate perimeter protection in the city was made because the area is a potential security target.

Heald’s client, York City Council and civil engineering organisation CR Reynolds, presented specific requirements regarding foundation depth and the complexity of installation on diverse gradients and terrains. In response, Heald recommended their Matador product line, featuring electromechanical bollards. These were strategically chosen for installation in various locations, including the Shambles, Blake Street, Colliergate, Goodramgate, High Petergate, High Ousegate, Lendal, and Parliament Street.  

Rigorously tested to IWA-14 and PAS 68 standards, alongside a CPNI Vehicle Attack Delay Standard (VADS) rating, Heald’s Matador ensures a durable and effective security solution. 

As the ‘Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill‘, widely known as ‘Martyn’s Law’, and the ‘Protect Duty’ legislation near implementation, the spotlight on safety intensifies. This legislation will require increased security measures and perimeter protection for public venues, organisations, and public spaces to mitigate the risk of terrorist attacks and other crimes. This includes businesses like high-street retailers, operating in areas such as York. Heald urges these businesses to proactively prepare for the impending legislation to enhance public safety and ensure compliance.  

The installation of electromechanical bollards, such as the Matador line, also takes into account specific requirements for accessibility while maintaining robust security measures. By strategically locating bollards and incorporating features that allow for swift access during emergencies, Heald ensures that public safety is upheld without compromising accessibility for all individuals, including those with disabilities and emergency responders.

Debbie Heald MBE, managing director and co-owner at Heald Ltd, comments: “As more areas, like York, witness increased foot traffic and urban development, it’s crucial to address potential safety concerns. While some may voice concerns about the impact on the city’s heritage, we firmly believe that our installations seamlessly blend with York’s aesthetics while safeguarding its legacy and residents.

“Despite some concerns about altering the city’s historic charm, we maintain that integrating high-quality security systems is imperative for public safety. Our bollards not only serve as a visual deterrent against vehicle-borne threats but also enhance the overall urban environment. It’s about preserving the past while securing the future.

“As York experiences growth and becomes a bustling hub, it’s essential to prioritise security measures. With the impending implementation of Martyn’s Law, it’s our responsibility as security experts to advocate for proactive safety measures in our evolving city spaces.”

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