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Combining Resource Planning Can Elevate Engineering’s Key Issues


All industries have specific requirements when planning for the upcoming days, weeks, months and even years ahead. One of the key issues concerning planning in the engineering sector is that the industry as a whole needs a resource plan that can manage both the people on the ground and the equipment they are using.

The solution here is to use an online resource planning tool such as Ganttic which allows management of a project portfolio while utilizing resources with maximum efficiency. Creating clear and comprehensive visual plans that give you an instant overview of all your resources and projects is key to engineering efficiency.

Ganttic has a number of key benefits for businesses including unlimited users, up to 10 resources free, click-drag-release to start planning, the ability to assign a task to multiple resources, custom data fields, implement colour schemes and manage resource grouping. These features can benefit both staffing and equipment logistics which the engineering sector needs a firm grip upon.

Being able to have a number of people working on any one document at the same time, allows project managers within different teams, to see what is going on across the company. Ganttic allows you to have one eye on day to day requirements and also on the long-time needs of the company.

Moving around the resources, be they people or vehicles, is easy to facilitate with the same drop-and-drag option. Working in real-time, managers can update their co-workers to the new schedule, without having to contact them directly. The immediate update facility within Ganttic creates an efficient and coherent space to optimize staff working practices. Without a solid resource planning tool, engineering practices could become muddled and confused. Using it correctly offers transparency across all sectors. It’s a win-win situation.

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