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ChargePoint Technology Gets Supercharged with International Growth

ChargePoint Technology Gets Supercharged with International Growth

Biotech expert, ChargePoint Technology has reported a huge drive in international sales following strategic export and major innovation drives over the last few years. The news comes ahead of a £1m move to new manufacturing facilities in June.

The ChargePoint valve has been around since 1997 but it wasn’t until 2009 that the eponymous company was founded. It has since established a raft of services dedicated to precision containment valve manufacture and now supplies products to some of the biggest pharmaceutical and chemical firms in the world.

And that world-leading position is reported to have grown considerably; the manufacturer has revealed that last year’s rose by some 9% following an increase in demand from the US, European and Asian market. 2015’s turnover was a huge £8.3m.

The boost in sales is also attributed to the release of a brand-new valve system, marking ChargePoint Technology’s entry in the biopharmceutical sector. Described as a game-changer by Chris Eccles, Managing Director of ChargePoint Technology, AseptiSafe offers increased sterility assurance when handling sensitive ingredients and small components. It is therefore of distinct advantage during in-fill and finish aseptic processing, as well as API production.

Over the last four years, the company has achieve 77% sales growth and Eccles said he was positive about replicating that success in the next four years.

2015 was defined by a focus on China for the company. With a number of Chinese pharmaceutical firms looking to export to the UK and Europe, many sought to make use of the latest in Western technologies and equipment. In a number of cases, that represented direct leads for ChargePoint Technology, a specialist in pharmaceutical tooling.

Eccles was keen to place emphasis on the achievements of his 62-strong team across the globe, asserting that such growth wouldn’t be possible without the years of R&D in which the company has invested.

In less than three months’ time, ChargePoint Technology will relocate next door to new production facilities in Speke. The plant, which has a capacity of 27,000 sq ft, is to be kitted out with over £750k of new machinery and, alongside various other renovations, represents an investment of a huge £1m.

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