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Amazon Filters Launch New Filter Housings

Amazon Filters Launch New Filter Housings

Amazon Filters is known for being a leading manufacturer of tailor made filter housings as well as high performing filter media. The business creates filter housing and media which is used in the manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, which are the essential components when creating pharmaceutical products.

It is critical that these Active Pharmaceutical ingredients have been manufactured to the highest possible quality in order to make sure that the final product meets specification. Amazon Filters has a great deal of experience in all of the API process, whether it is the initial filtration of raw chemicals and solvents, the purification of the compound with the use of carbon or the finer finishing controls of the finished API.

A range of highly corrosive chemicals are used in the API manufacturing process which means that there is a large amount of stress out onto both the filter housing and the filter media during API manufacturing. It has been the tradition that API manufacturers use specialised filter housing with specialist features such as an internal coating or made from materials such as Alloy 22. These offer the filter housings and media anti-corrosion properties and are offered by Amazon Filters. Neither of these two solutions are ideal however. The coatings that have been applied to prevent corrosion are vulnerable to mechanical damage and nickel alloys have been shown to have only a limited resistance to corrosion by acids. Nickel alloys have a particular vulnerability to Hydrochloric acid.

Amazon Filters has introduced two newly developed filter housings that can cope with these difficult applications. One of the filter housings uses Tantalum Metal Deposition and the second has been manufactured as an all PTFE construction. Both of these new filters have demonstrated a significant resistance to corrosive chemical damage. Amazon Filters has used their experience from working in the pharmaceutical industry in order to also offer advice on which filter is most compatible with the mixture of different chemicals and solvents used in API manufacturing. For more aggressive manufacturing processes that require more concentrated acids or a high temperature, the Amazon Filter range of SupaPore cartridges can be supplied in either Halar or PTFE materials.

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