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Vygon Continues to use Empirica Management Systems

Vygon Continues to use Empirica Management Systems

Vygon, the Medical and surgical consumables supply company has developed a new and highly efficient distribution operation with the help of the Empirica management system on offer from Chess Logistics Technology. The Medical supplies company has made the most of Empirica’s advances operating capabilities.

Vygon first began using this warehouse management system around 10 years ago, and since then numerous developments have been made to the manufacturer’s warehouse management as Empirica is updated. Over the years a number of innovative adaptations and improvements have been made in order to increase efficiency in the warehouse. Vygon, the manufacturing company, has seen a number of processes made unnecessary and removed in order to improve the warehousing system they use.

Vygon was first established in 1962 in France by Pierre Simonet. Since then the company has expanded in order to include a range of different subsidiaries and product distributors. Vygon now operates in 64 countries. The company manufacture their products across seven different factories that are ISO9000 and ISO13485. Vygon (UK) Ltd was formed in in 1973 and operates from headquarters in Swindon.

Vygon has developed to become a trusted and leading supplier of medical and surgical consumables to the NHS and the private medical sector. Therefore, it is vital that the company has an efficient and reliable warehouse management system. As part of this, the warehouse management system delivered by Chess Logistics Technology and the Empirica system, which delivers electronic processes to boosts legibility, speed and accuracy.

The medical supplier company will continue to use Empirica as they continue to develop in the future. As the medical supplies manufacturer continues to grow, it will need to maintain their efficiency and accuracy therefore it is vital that they maintain an operating system they trust will adapt with them, as Empirica has been proven to do.

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