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Strong Export Growth for UK Chewable Toothbrush!

Strong Export Growth for UK Chewable Toothbrush!

The EU referendum result has certainly clouded the UK with uncertainty, with many companies believing that the knock on effects such as the weak pound will be negative to their industry. However, it certainly isn’t all doom and gloom, and one surprising success story that has resulted from Brexit is that of Fuzzy Brush, the UK manufacturers of the chewable toothbrush!

The innovative company has reported a growth in export sales to Asia of a staggering 900% over the last 12 months, and this increase in demand is leading to investment in machinery that will increase production throughout 2017. New retailers and partners are set to be introduced to the Xylitol-based products now across Asia, in an attempt to accelerate this demand even further.

Jim Drew, the Managing Director at Fuzzy Brush, has commented, The Asian market is showing really strong demand for our products. They are impressed with our manufacturing quality, our packaging and the fact that they are made entirely in the UK. The demand to supply our branded packs is increasing at a phenomenal rate. Add to that the increased media coverage, government drives towards dental care and reducing sugar intake (in particular the use of Xylitol in South Korea) and the growth of the Xylitol market and you can see why Fuzzy Brush products are successful commodities.

It isn’t just Asia that the company will be focusing on now either, with exports expected to be extended now to Russia, UAE, India and USA, as well as Canada, Australia and Turkey! It’s great to see success stories like this coming out of the UK, and it really does show that despite the fears surrounding Brexit there is definitely still hope for UK companies today. How far Fuzzy Brush can go we shall have to wait and see!

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