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LTi Metaltech Win Industry Award 2017

LTi Metaltech Win Industry Award 2017

LTi Metaltech, the manufacture of intricate tubes and vessels that are used in Siemens MRI scanners, has been named as the Best Research & Development Project as a part of the Cotswold Life Engineering, Manufacturing and Innovation Awards 2017. The company has accomplished this significant achievement following a year of growth.

LTi is operated from Abingdon and with the leadership from its new Technical Director, Edgar Rayner; the company has undergone the process of upskilling and is exploring a range of markets including heat recovery, maritime, aerospace, transport, renewables, sci-tech and distilleries. Edgar Rayner joined the company in January and has been working over the course of the year to help the company develop. With the announcement of this prestigious accolade from the Cotswold Life Engineering, Manufacturing & Innovation Awards, the hard work appears to have payed off. Hopefully, Edgar will continue to experience the same level of success in his position with the company going forward.

The developments and expansions that have been made by the Abingdon based company over the course of the past year has helped the company form new connections and has led to a partnership with Tokamak Energy. Tokamak is a company that works to engineer critical parts for the first high-field, spherical Tokamak ST40 reactor in the world.

Looking back at all of the work that has been put in by the team at the specialist manufacturing company, 2017 appears to be a pivotal year for LTi. Hopefully, as the company focuses on developing on their successes, there will be further expansion next year and in the years to come. LTi Metaltech will be working to build on the foundations that have been put down this year, to establish and develop more relationships with their clients and those who are looking for expertise their expertise in different sectors.

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