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Intelligent Fingerprinting and Europlaz Sign Tree Year Deal to Manufacture Drug Testing System

Intelligent Fingerprinting and Europlaz Sign Tree Year Deal to Manufacture Drug Testing System

A Cambridge-based business has been working on the design of a system that will be able to analyse fingerprint sweat. The company has recently announced that they have signed a three-year deal with a manufacturer of medical devices in order to create the components that would be needed for a new drug screening system.

Intelligent Fingerprinting, the Cambridge business who have developed this idea, will be working with Europlaz which is based in Southminster in Essex. The companies will be working together over the course of the next three years to develop and test a system that can be used as a part of drug rehabilitation as well as in the workplace and by coroners.

The Chief Executive of Intelligent Fingerprinting, Dr. Jerry Walker has said that the groundbreaking technology that has been created by the company is now dependent on the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Europlaz has demonstrated that they are an essential partner for Intelligent Fingerprinting through the design and the development of the company’s innovative and completely tamper proof fingerprint collection cartridge.

Europlaz will be supplying proven injection moulding skills as well as an impressive clean room facility into the partnership. Going forward it is hoped that the two businesses will be able to extend their partnership and business relationship as the manufacture of this new system is manufactured and heads towards the full validation and commercial introduction of the fingerprint-based drug screening system.

The new Intelligent Fingerprinting system is now available commercially and the two companies are moving on to the next stage of this project which will see the up-scale of the cartridge manufacturing for the fingerprinting system in order to make sure that the testing systems being produced are able to meet the price points needed for what is thought to become a quickly globalised product.

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