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Infonote Releases Enhanced Laboratory Information Management System

Infonote Releases Enhanced Laboratory Information Management System

Infonote Datasystems has developed an enhanced version of its Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) designed specifically to deliver a range of extended features needed across the laboratory sector, including the ability to administer and control interactions beyond the immediate lab environment.

The Infonote LIMS is a configurable cloud-based software solution that manages complex data and human resources interactions centred around a laboratory but now features additional outward functionality to address related departments and supporting business functions.

Originally a bespoke software project for a customer, the Infonote LIMS system has been developed from that proven product into a package solution available to all laboratory operations. It comprises a core feature set designed to meet the generic requirements of lab activities and businesses, supported by a configurable shell and optional software modules that can integrate individual processes that are specific to a particular lab’s operation or business model. Core LIMS modules include a Case Manager, a Training Matrix that also records staff training, and a Reagent Database to monitor and document the use of reagents in pathology and other disciplines. 

In addition, as a highly experienced software development enterprise with a 25-year track record, Infonote’s developers can easily create bespoke modules to fulfil special user or business-specific needs.

With the Infonote LIMS, case data is consistent, held in one place, searchable and always traceable – with all procedures recorded, alongside the provision of an auditable documented history.

“Our LIMS is designed to be used across a laboratory’s sphere of influence by accommodating operators and researchers, lab managers, outside consultants and other business stakeholders,” explains Infonote MD Pete Whelan. “All users can be granted levels of secure access specific to the task or process to be undertaken. It permits the outward extension of the lab operation to include resources such as remote access to cases by consultants for diagnosis, which we know from experience can better suit their work schedules.”

Infonote LIMS can be tailored to a specific laboratory, medical, clinical or bioresearch business. Deployed with cloud software functionality, it offers virtually unlimited data storage capacity.

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