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VIVE XR Elite Business Edition Arrives, With New VIVE Business+ Support

HTC Vive

As the XR industry is expected to be worth $345.9 billion USD by 2030, HTC VIVE today announces that its powerful and versatile VIVE XR Elite headset is now available with VIVE Business+. This extensive range of enterprise-grade support and services helps organisations bring immersive XR into their workflows quickly and easily.

XR is being widely adopted among a range of industries as it saves on costs while improving outcomes. CCS Insight forecasts that enterprises will buy 20% of all extended reality devices sold in the next five years, as a study by the National Training Laboratory, found retention rates for VR learning were 75 percent, which was much higher than those for lecture-style learning (5 percent) and reading (10 percent)

Among other cases, VIVE has seen partners use XR to reinvent training in the medical field, ARuVR and UCL Hospitals’ award-winning work saw:

  • VR-based training had a 100% reduction in the risk of contamination versus live surgeries, protecting patients and safeguarding the outcomes of surgery
  • Increased training capacity
  • Asynchronous training – with users able to experience fully immersive 3D scenarios even outside of class sessions
  • Time and money saved on travel, and zero carbon emissions

Built for Business

VIVE XR Elite Business Edition combines the lightweight and convertible XR headset with HTC VIVE’s comprehensive Business Warranty and Services to enhance immersive experiences across an organisation. As part of its ongoing commitment to deliver best in class XR hardware and support to businesses, HTC VIVE has added more enterprise-grade support and services to VIVE XR Elite, with VIVE Business+, it’s new web-based application for managing XR devices at scale.

With VIVE Business+, organisations can effortlessly manage, monitor and maintain groups of XR devices through one powerful dashboard. VIVE XR Elite Business Edition is equipped with remote device state monitoring, as well as QR code enrolment, batch configuration and user management settings to help organisations manage fleets of devices easily and from any location. There will also be support for MDM solutions from global leaders, with VMWare already live and many more to follow shortly.

Kiosk Mode is perfect for situations like trade shows or training, where an organisation has high-traffic and wants to ensure users stay in a specific experience, while Visual Odometry mode makes set-up quick and easy, bypassing the environment set-up so users can dive straight in. While VIVE Business Warranty & Services delivers next-level support for enterprise organisations.

The power of immersive learning continues to grow. PwC found VR-trained employees completed training up to 4x faster than classroom learners, and up to 1.5 times faster than e-learners. This level of improvement offers employees a new learning modality that drastically accelerates people’s ability to reskill and adapt to changing job roles and work environments.

Elsewhere, in a study from the Yale University School of Medicine, VR-trained surgeons were 29% faster and made 6x fewer errors. Surgical residents learning gallbladder dissection showed significant improvements when training using virtual reality. Non-VR-trained residents were nine times more likely to transiently fail to make progress and five times more likely to injure the gallbladder.

In the field

VIVE has partners already building next-generation business tools and experiences with VIVE XR Elite, who are seeing outstanding results.

ARuVR‘s XR enterprise platform seamlessly merges augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences, providing business users with a coding-free platform to create, deploy, and manage extended reality (XR) experiences. Combined with the powerful hardware of VIVE XR Elite, now anyone can roll out XR training programmes in days,” Frank Furnari, CEO & Founder, ARuVR®.

Arthur’s innovative virtual office solutions, paired with the transformative HTC VIVE XR Elite headset, redefine how enterprises collaborate and thrive in the digital age, by enabling them to break free from the limitations of physical boundaries and embrace the boundless possibilities of the future of work. Together, we empower teams to seamlessly navigate immersive, fully customizable virtual environments, fostering unparalleled productivity, creativity, and connection,” Christoph Fleischmann, Founder and CEO of Arthur.

Next-generation hardware

The full colour Mixed Reality (MR) passthrough capabilities of VIVE XR Elite unlock a whole new dimension for developers to use, and is especially powerful in scenarios where users can interact with virtual objects in a real-world space – perfect for collaboration, training, productivity, and much more. VIVE XR Elite MR makes everything from planning to product design more life-like and accurate, by bringing 1:1 models into a physical space for realistic interaction.

Through immersive learning, Coca-Cola Bepensa experienced a 100% reduction in employee risk exposure compared to in-situ equipment and machinery process understanding. The immersive training saw a 75%+ increase in the efficiency to train employees, and an 80% increase in employee training engagement.


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