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Four Leading Medical Magazine Editors Launch MedTalk Podcast

Four Leading Medical Magazine Editors Launch MedTalk Podcast

MedTalk is a new podcast that has been created as a medical device covering digital health and the pharma sectors. The podcast has been created through a partnership which has seen the editors of four of the medical sector’s leading publications join together. The plan fro MedTalk is that it will release podcasts monthly and offer an environment that promotes informal discussion about the latest innovations for the healthcare sector.

The first podcast has already been released and looks into the latest changes to the medical sector in regards to femtech. This discussion looks into the rise of this kind of technology and the ever expanding field of devices and services that have been developed for feminine health.

The podcast also looks at the news in the industry and in the podcast that is already live, the team discuss the liquidation of one of the larger brands of fitness tracking devices. This news is then discussed in term of what the liquidation of the company means in terms of the changing digital health market. The first episode of the podcast also looks into the creation of inhalable chocolate and the use of Formula 1 technology for the creation of an infant transport device.

MedTalk is worked on by Lu Rahman, the group editor for Medical Plastics News, Fliss Thomas, who is the editor of European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Reece Armstrong, a reporter on Digital Health Age and the editor of Med-Tech Innovation magazine, Dave Gray.

It is thought that more and more the varied sectors of the medical industry are merging, therefore it is great to merge four different media brands in order to look at the crossovers that are taking place between the different media brands. The discussions in regard to crossover content take place on a daily basis anyway by the magazine editors, and these discussions often lead to further discussions and debates as well as ideas for future magazine content, therefore it was decided that a podcast to record these discussions and make them was a great idea.

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