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Why Anticipate London isn’t Worth Your Time (Or Is it?)

Why Anticipate London

This December, co-located trade shows Facilities Show, FIREX, IFSEC and Safety & Health Expo will now become part of newly launched Anticipate London, taking place from the 2nd to the 4th of December 2024 at ExCeL London.

But let’s face it, trade shows are a colossal waste of time and money. Why would you ever want to exhibit at one?

Here’s why you should definitely stay at work and miss out on all the action. Spoiler alert: we’re about to change your mind.

1. You Already Have Enough Leads 📋

Who needs more business? If your pipeline is overflowing with potential clients, by all means, skip Anticipate London.

Meeting new prospects and hundreds of new leads in one place is clearly unnecessary when your calendar is fully booked (even if most of those leads are old news).

2. Networking is Overrated 🤝

Why meet new clients and customers when you can continue sending cold emails that get lost in spam folders? Don’t you love travelling up and down the country and taking whole days out of the office for one client meeting at a time?

Making personal and spontaneous connections under one roof at trade shows like Anticipate London are overrated.

Who needs face-to-face conversations when you have LinkedIn, right?

3. Team Building is a Waste of Time 👥

Bringing your team together for a shared experience is clearly a waste. Bonding over new insights, connections, and a few after-hours drinks? Nah. We communicate just fine on Teams chats!

4. Stay Ignorant of Industry Trends 📉

Why bother learning about the latest industry trends and innovations that keep your prospective customers in the People & Property sectors up at night?

Who needs to understand what’s happening next in the market and where your products might fit in anyway?

If you’re happy to be left behind while your competitors leverage cutting-edge tech and strategies, Anticipate London isn’t for you.

5. Competitors Can Have the Spotlight

Who needs to showcase their latest products and services to prospective buyers in Property/Facilities Management, Security, Fire Safety and Health & Safety? Let your competitors have the spotlight.

They can have all the potential clients and brand visibility while you sit comfortably where you are.

6. Save Money, Lose More 💸

Sure, having a presence at trade shows like Anticipate London involves some cost. But think of all the money you’ll save while losing countless business opportunities. Sounds like a solid plan, right?


So, if you’re content with mediocrity and watching your competitors thrive, by all means, avoid Anticipate London. But if you’re interested in growth, well… you know where to be.

About Anticipate London 2024

Anticipate London will bring leaders of property & people together and showcase solutions that create a safer, smarter future for all.

If your aim is to reach key decision-makers in security, fire safety, property/facilities management, or health & safety, look no further. Anticipate London gathers top-tier buyers, including those from FTSE 250 organizations.

More information here:

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