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Specialist Fire Damage Cleaning in Manufacturing Facilities

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Specialist Fire Damage Cleaning in Manufacturing Facilities : ICE Cleaning, a specialist cleaning company, provide highly effective fire damage cleaning services nationwide. They understand the intricacies and complexities required with this kind of job, and use their expertise to provide excellent solutions for their customers.

Here, they take a look at how specialist fire damage cleaning is important in manufacturing facilities to help you get back up and running as soon as possible.

Safety issues

Before carrying out work, the cleaning technicians will conduct a detailed risk assessment to identify any hazards or issues on site. It will also give them an idea of the size of the job and the type of equipment that is required.

Smoke damage from fires, be that in the form of second and third-hand smoke or soot and ash, is something that should be taken seriously. Health risks are very potent, and all the necessary steps must be taken to protect the safety of all parties.

Specialist solutions

Cleaning experts will have specialist knowledge of the effects of fire damage and how to treat it properly so that you can return to a fresh and safe condition in the workplace.

This expertise, coupled with their wealth of experience, means they will work efficiently and safely to handle the fire damage present. The team will be able to handle harm from a fire in all different environments, which may be necessary if the destruction is significant.

You can also feel reassured because specialists take part in thorough health and safety training to undertake this kind of work, and understand the nature of the dangers present in this kind of work.

Damage to equipment

Fire damage can cause irrevocable damage to equipment used during manufacturing operations, which could cost you hugely if any need to be replaced. Often this machinery is specialist and therefore expensive to purchase.

However, if the fire damage is serious, you may have no choice but to replace equipment that is beyond repair. Specialist cleaners will be able to clean tools in some circumstances to help recover the damage caused though, which may save you money.

If you have been the victim of a fire, it might be the case that you are no longer able to store products at your facility. The sooner you hire in cleaning experts to make the area safe once more, the quicker products can be kept at the building again.

Moving products to a safer location following a fire may be necessary, though some products might not be salvageable. It will be your responsibility to check what is viable or not of the remaining items.


You can find out more about ICE Cleaning’s services on their website here.

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