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Nine Common Pain Points for Chemical Manufacturers

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From a worker communication perspective, chemical manufacturers have to ensure two-way conversations are having a positive impact on worker safety, productivity, and efficiency. But with the requirements of working in ATEX-designated zones, it’s not always easy to have effective lines of communication.

Here’s nine common pain points businesses and workers face when in an ATEX environment, and the available solutions to remove them.


Pain point – Using the right device in an ATEX environment

Solution – Use ATEX approved hardware

Due to the nature of working in an ATEX environment, everyday smartphones are off limits. One of the best alternatives is an intrinsically safe two-way radio. They’re rugged in design and built to last in surroundings that can be potentially dangerous.

Pain point – Keeping workers safe

Solution – Use personal safety features

With no mobile phone to turn to, the device a worker uses must be a potentially lifesaving tool. That’s why ATEX radios come equipped with emergency features like Lone Worker, Man Down and Panic Button.

Pain point – Network coverage across site(s)

Solution – a reliable network infrastructure

To ensure you experience secure and uninterrupted coverage that helps keep people safe, a seamless network infrastructure must be in place – one that can combat physical obstacles and virtual ones.


Pain point – upgrading a paper-based workflow system

Solution – use Job Ticketing software

Job Ticketing software allows businesses to create and monitor tasks, set due dates and times, and send out notifications when tasks are ready to be completed.

Pain point – contacting people off-site

Solution – use Telephone Interconnect

A workable solution for contacting people off-site is Telephone Interconnect. The software allows workers who use intrinsically safe radios to make calls to mobile phones and telephones that are located off-site.

Pain point – operating machinery and a communication device at once

Solution – use VOX (Voice Activated Communications)

VOX (Voice Activated Communications) is designed for when work requires a hands-on approach. Using a hands-free compatible headset, workers can carry on with other tasks whilst talking.


Pain point – hearing each other in a noisy environment

Solution – Use Intelligent Audio to be heard loud and clear

Intelligent Audio is a radio feature that offers loud and clear critical communication for end users. The noise of the radio is automatically adjusted in line with fluctuating background noises.

Pain point – getting messages out to workers at speed

Solution – use text messaging and email

ATEX radios have the capability to receive both text messages and emails direct to the device. This helps to provide end users with critical updates.

Pain point – using communication devices with interruption to work on-site

Solution – choose Over the Air Programming

Over the Air Programming is cloud-based, so changes or upgrades to individual radios are made remotely. This helps to reduce costs and the time taken to programme devices.

Nine Common Pain Points for Chemical Manufacturers

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